27 February 2020

Triangle Equity Partners Supports Connecting WA Business to China !


The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is without doubt a devastating humanitarian crisis and has and will have significant economic impact worldwide. However, developing innovative ways to support global friends and trading partners will create long term relationships and build long term economic growth.

The time to demonstrate friendship and support is now. Triangle Equity Partners Pty Ltd is launching the ChinaGateway™ Series which is purpose built to prepare established Western Australian-based businesses to ready themselves to connect with, enter and export to the largest market in the world, Greater China.

Greater China remains the largest market in the world, but how do you ready your business to connect and do business with China?

The ChinaGateway™ Series has been successful is gaining support from the Western Australian Government through its X-Tend WA program to bring together specialists with proven knowledge and track record of successfully entering and growing business with China.

Kent Matla, Managing Partner of Triangle Equity Partners Pty Ltd, said that the “ChinaGateway™ Series leverages people with on-the-ground China experience and knowledge, together with key in-country partnerships.”

Mr Matla pointed to collaboration Triangle Equity Partners Pty Ltd has with TusStar, the domestic and international accelerator/incubator division of TusHoldings, which is the commercial arm of Tsinghua University that also operates TusPark, the largest on-campus science park in the world with 132 sub parks throughout Greater China.

Mr Matla said that “with the collaboration, the ChinaGateway™ Series partners will able to provide guidance as to the best growth sectors to target and connect with. Our partners also have the wherewithal to connect to strategic partners, strategic investors and other forms of capital (e.g. VC)”.

ChinaGateway™ Series will bring national and international guest speakers, each highly respected specialists in critical areas such as innovation and commercialisation across China industries, corporate finance, and investment and other growth sectors.


About Triangle Equity Partners Pty Ltd

Triangle Equity Partners Pty Ltd is a unique cross-border advisory team comprising of internationally credentialed advisors and associates with extensive knowledge and experience in structuring and executing transactions to successfully enter the high-growth and high-demand sectors of the Greater China.

The firm operates a pragmatic cross-border transaction approach by identifying and connecting “In-Country Bookends” for both sides of the transaction.

We have established a highly connected China-based advisory board that helps identify high-demand opportunities, negotiate and secure a China Bookend with the necessary in-country market connections to 'pull' in commercialised innovations and technologies into the markets of Greater China.


For further information, please contact: 

Kent MATLA, Managing Partner,

Greg REIBE, Partner,

Dr Andrew WHITEHEAD, Partner,