Lisa Yuan


20 plus years’ experience in-bound and out-bound China investments from an advisory role through to being on the buy and sell-side of various deals.

  • Experience in various industry sectors including media, environmental, mining, oil & gas, coal-gasification, property development, agribusiness, various technologies, etc.
  • Executive Director, Triangle Capital Partners Pty Ltd.
  • China Manager, Virtual Curtain China Limited.
  • Founder and Non-Executive Chairman, Gym4All group of companies (Beijing) [2011-2014].
  • Founder and Non-Executive Director, National Fitness Foundation (Beijing) [2011-2014].
  • Senior Advisor, GNS China, boutique corporate advisory and investment banking firm (Beijing) [2008-2013].
  • Manager, International Business Development, Beijing Huaye Investment Management Co Ltd and Beijing Huaye Property Development Co Ltd (Beijing) [2002-2008].
  • Executive Training Course – Equity and Crowd Funding, M&A, and IPOs (Beijing).
  • Bachelor of Economics & International Trade, Northeast University of Finance & Economics, China.