ScaleUpWA is all about growth…

…. it is a purpose-built programme to assist established and emerging SMEs to get scale, create and capture value and position the business for harvesting that value, as and when chosen.

…. it is a tailored programme of business transformation with the view of, overtime, building export readiness and establishing market and funding connections.

ScaleUpWA’s forerunner programmes have over the last 3 years assisted over 30 SMEs in sectors ranging from food and beverage, food value add, food distribution, health, mental health and safety, cyber security, virtual reality, mapping technology, entrepreneurial networks, education and battery assembling and distribution, to build their own business transformation strategies as well targeted Market Entry Strategies across pan Asian markets including Singapore, China, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, etc.

While the ScaleUpWA is applicable to all industry sectors, a particular focus for the 2022 Series is on SME’s with high impact potential to build successful, sustainable & scalable businesses in the Food Value Add sector;.

So whether a grower, processor, freight & logistics, wholesaler or retailer, domestically or export focused - this program will help transform your business to get scale, create and capture new value in your business and position it to be harvestable for returns, and is critical if you need development and/or growth capital!

Delivered by experienced practitioners in innovation, commercialisation and investment in creating and operating high growth businesses as well as specialists in the agri, food and investment sectors.

ScaleUpWA will help identify new areas of opportunity, provide guidance on how to craft investable business structures to transform your business with access, as part of the program, to experienced mentors and networks.

This program  is delivered in a combination of
INTERACTIVE LIVE STREAM panel sessions, access to a blend of on-line and in-person KEYNOTES AND MASTERCLASSES
supported by one-on-one MENTOR sessions. 


For an overview of the programme, timings and feesScheduled programs in 2022: 7th June - 16th August 2022      APPLY HERE                    For an overview of our
                                                                                                                                                                                                           programme, timings and fees





DPIRD is offering a scholarship to the ScaleUpWA programme for approved applicants from the Agri/Food industry of 50% of the delegate fee to assist them to transform their businesses to get scale, create and capture value and position the business for harvest. 

A maximum of six applicants may be approved based on the information submitted in the ScaleUpWA application form and applications for scholarships shall be assessed on a competitive basis.